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Checklist to Freedom

October 25, 2018

Full Time RV Checklist

After several inquiries about how we went from a traditional lifestyle to full-time travelers / RVers, we’ve decided to share the checklist system we used to make it all possible. The one we’re sharing with you, when you subscribe to our blog using the link located at the bottom of this post, also includes many […]


Our Most Favoritest Things About Full-Time RVing

September 27, 2018

Since we couldn’t post “Things That Suck About Full-Time RVing” without a follow-up post on things that “don’t suck”, here’s our newest list of some of our favorite things (in no particular order) about our new full-time RVing lifestyle.   Goodbye Alarm Clock – With the exception of a few occasions, we haven’t set our alarm […]


Things That Suck About Full-Time RVing

September 20, 2018

With full-time RVing picking up in popularity, we know we’re not the first to put together a list of pros and cons. There are a few things on our list, however, that we haven’t seen published or heard discussed. If you’re thinking about hitting the road, there are some things you should take into consideration […]


How Our Tiny Home Got Its Name – “The Willy Wagon”

May 8, 2018

Willy and The Original Wagon

Our tiny Airstream home, “The Willy Wagon”, inherited its name from the original wagon first introduced to our family in 2015. The original, however, isn’t an older model of our Airstream as most might assume. It’s not an RV at all. No, the original Willy Wagon is much smaller than an RV. And although simple […]