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How Our Tiny Home Got Its Name – “The Willy Wagon”

May 8, 2018

Willy and The Original Wagon

Our tiny Airstream home, “The Willy Wagon”, inherited its name from the original wagon first introduced to our family in 2015. The original, however, isn’t an older model of our Airstream as most might assume. It’s not a RV at all. No, the original Willy Wagon is much smaller than a RV. And although simple […]


Our Tiny Home – Living in 150 Square Feet

April 29, 2018

When we made the decision to free ourselves from the norms set by society, we knew it meant relinquishing our possessions and learning to live with less. Our home was no exception to this new way of thinking, so we sold it.  We either stored, gave away or donated our belongings, we quit our jobs, […]


Change of Domicile

April 27, 2018

Picnic Island Park - Tampa, Fl

March 30, 2018, was our last day of employment at our respective agencies, and April 2, 2018, was the last day in our South Carolina apartment. After spending one night at a local RV park, we left the place we had called home for the last 18 years and headed straight for Florida. Most might […]


Choosing our RV

April 25, 2018

Our quest for The Willy Wagon (Our 2017 Airstream Flying Cloud 23FB) started over two years ago. This interest was sparked from Rebecca’s love of tiny homes and several YouTube videos of CheapRVliving, Bex Cat-herder and Traveling Robert. We spent many weekends sitting in front of the television watching YouTube and then using the new […]