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Great Thai food!

April 19, 2018

Located at 8647 Regency Park Blvd, Port Richey, FL, in an ordinary strip mall, is the Orchids Thai Restaurant. This unassuming store front restaurant, with business vacancies on either side, should not be over looked. Its utilitarian interior is clean and nicely decorated. The wait staff are polite, professional and prompt. The restaurant’s ample menu […]


RV 101: Water conservation using faucet aerators

April 15, 2018

When you only have a finite amount of fresh, gray and black water storage onboard; you need to make every drop count.


RV Plumbing: The importance of an o-ring

April 9, 2018

On a recreational vehicle (RV), the smallest parts of its various systems are essential to the overall well being of both the RV and the owner! This was a lesson quickly learned on the first day of our new journey. After four days of hard work moving boxes to our storage unit, visits to the […]


How much is too much?

April 6, 2018

About two years ago when my wife, Rebecca, introduced me to tiny homes and a documentary on YouTube called “Without Bound – Perspective on mobile living”, I would have thought more space makes a happier person. I thought all that space helped you amass things and allowed you room to find solitude. I wasn’t brought […]


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