Gear Reviews

Gear Reviews


The Black Diamond Spot Headlamp, purchased in 2017, is an item we use every day and could not live without. Whether you’re searching for something at night outside your Rig or walking your dog, it pays to have both hands free. The Storm headlamp is lightweight, waterproof, very bright and reasonably priced. It takes 3 “AAA” batteries and it has excellent battery life. It’s easy to dim and at a touch of a finger goes to full brightness (Power Tap), a handy feature when you hear something off in the distance. The new Spot boasts 300 lumens and lighter weight.

Pros: waterproof, lightweight, comfortable adjustable band, battery life, full lumens with just a touch, price

Cons: Going from white light to red light can be a challenge

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


BAL X-Chock wheel stabilizers, purchased in 2017, are another item I would not hit the road without, once installed they eliminate front to back movement of the RV. These wheel stabilizers are an all metal construction with simple and virtually carefree parts. The X-Chock comes with a handy lightweight ratchet for easy setup and take down. The large metal handle on the stabilizer makes for easy placement between the tires. The X-Chock can even be locked to help prevent unwanted removal or theft.

Pros: solid construction, simple installation, lockable, sturdy handle for easy placement and ratchet included

Cons: handle can be easily misplaced

Rating: 5 out of 5


Fan-Tastic Vent Cover, purchased in 2017, allows you to use your vents even in the pouring rain. These vent covers go on top of the vent opening and are easy to install. The vent covers come in variety of colors: white, black and smoke. They are made to provide maximum clearance to allow the vent fans (specifically the Fan-Tastic Vent) to open all the way without hitting the top of the unit. The vent cover can be removed for easy cleaning.

Pros: quality construction, detailed instructions, variety of color choices, simple to install, can be removed for cleaning

Cons: not pleasing to the eye (very box looking). The newer model is a little more streamlined, but not much!

Rating: 5 out of 5