RV 101: Water conservation using faucet aerators

April 15, 2018

When you only have a finite amount of fresh, gray and black water storage onboard; you need to make every drop count.


RV Plumbing: The importance of an o-ring

April 9, 2018

On a recreational vehicle (RV), the smallest parts of its various systems are essential to the overall well being of both the RV and the owner! This was a lesson quickly learned on the first day of our new journey. After four days of hard work moving boxes to our storage unit, visits to the […]


Things, how much is too much?

April 6, 2018

About two years ago when my wife, Rebecca, introduced me to tiny homes and a documentary on YouTube called “Without Bound – Perspective on mobile living”, I would have thought more space makes a happier person. I thought all that space helped you amass things and allowed you room to find solitude. I wasn’t brought […]


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