Our Tiny Home – Living in 180 Square Feet

Our Tiny Home – Living in 180 Square Feet

The Tin Can Travelers April 29, 2018 No Comments

When we made the decision to free ourselves from the norms set by society, we knew it meant relinquishing our possessions and learning to live with less. Our home was no exception to this new way of thinking, so we sold it.  We either stored, gave away, or donated our belongings, we quit our jobs, and then we moved into an Airstream Flying Cloud 23FB, we now call home. Our new tiny home offers us approximately 180 square feet of living space. It’s minuscule compared to most living standards, and I would estimate we’re now living in a space equivalent to the master bathroom in the house we sold. And while many may not understand what would possess a person (or two in our case) to live in such tight quarters, we view our tiny home as our transition from one life to the next. When we look at it, we see freedom and new experiences. We see our version of what life is supposed to be.

Our tiny home has turned out to be everything we imagined, despite its dimensions. We still have a queen-sized bed, large dinette, and a full bathroom (not a wet-bath), all of which were important to us when shopping for our alternative living quarters. It has more storage than we thought we would get, and all the modern conveniences of a standard home. And even though we love being inside it, we find ourselves admiring it mostly from the outside

This new transition hasn’t come without its sacrifices, but nothing we gave up, in exchange for our new tiny home and lifestyle, is anything we can’t live without. We don’t miss the big house we sold. We actually grew to resent it because it stood between us and the life we wanted. We don’t miss the space that house provided because it required too much of our very little time to maintain it. And we don’t miss being surrounded by all the “things” in that big house, because they only served as a reminder of the money spent on possessions instead of life.

We truly feel liberated by our transition, and proud of ourselves for making such a life-altering decision and seeing it through. We still can’t believe we did it, and often look at each other and laugh.


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