Checklist to Freedom

Checklist to Freedom

The Tin Can Travelers October 25, 2018 No Comments

Full Time RV Checklist

After several inquiries about how we went from a traditional lifestyle to full-time travelers / RVers, we’ve decided to share the checklist system we used to make it all possible. The one we’re sharing with you, when you subscribe to our blog using the link located at the bottom of this post, also includes many of the resources we used before, during, and after our transition. If you’re thinking about traveling full-time in a RV, know someone who is, or are just curious, subscribe to our blog and check out the steps we used to make it happen. It’s free, informative, and could prove invaluable to you right now or in the future.

Our decision to live and travel full-time in a RV didn’t happen overnight. It took over two years of planning and patience before we were able to make the jump. During this time, we learned a lot about ourselves and the process behind such a huge decision. It was daunting at times, and we often felt like there was something we were forgetting to do or consider, so we eventually made a list and started checking off things as they were accomplished. Making that list, however, is something we should have done from the very beginning.

Leaving behind the only life you’ve ever known for something new, with no guarantees, is a scary decision to make. Although we knew there would never be a “perfect” time to take the leap, we wanted to be responsible and as prepared as possible. That meant making sure certain things, besides the obvious, were in place. Making a checklist not only ensured we wouldn’t forget anything, but gave us more control of the process and prepared us for each step before we even got to it… and there are some pretty big steps that need to be taken when making a transition like this! And since the list is comprised of a series of short-term goals, every time we checked off something we felt a sense of accomplishment and gained more confidence as we moved one step closer to the long-term goal. Simply put, a list keeps you organized and on track. More importantly, though, it serves as a daily visual reminder of what you’re going to have to let go of in order to reach that long-term goal (possibly a house, cars, career, clothes, etc.). This visual reminder will either make you back out of your decision to give up your safe and familiar life or make you more determined to reach that final goal. It was the latter for us.

Although everyone’s circumstances are different, there are certain things we believe everyone should do and have in place before hitting the road full-time. First, is figuring out if full-time RVing is for you. Don’t romanticize it. Just because you’ve watched a million videos on You Tube that have depicted the lifestyle as nothing but rainbows and sunshine, don’t be fooled. There’s so much more to consider. Included in our check list are ways to help you figure this out.

Another consideration, and a very important one, is finances. There are costs associated with living in a RV. Unless you’re one of the lucky few who work remotely, you have to know in advance how you’re going to earn an income or supplement an existing one (pension, social security, etc). Resources for this are included in our list as well. Full-time RVing can be as expensive or cheap as you choose, but regardless of which end of the spectrum you fall, you can’t side step certain expenses. You have to know this in advance.

Besides the obvious, like knowing if full-time RVing is really for you and understanding there are expenses associated with it, there’s so much more to consider and prepare for before taking the leap. Our checklist includes the steps we took right up to the day we bid farewell to our home of seventeen years and hit the road as full-time RVers.

So, how bout’ it? Will you help support our content by subscribing to our blog and accept this small token of appreciation in return? We love the work we do, but we can’t do it without you!  Until next time…

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